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Hello and thank you for visiting my online fitness diary!  I am thrilled that Michael Palmer asked me to keep a weekly diary for the fitness-events website.  Keeping a journal will be a great way for me to organize my thoughts and track my weekly progress. After jumping off of the fitness wagon for the past 2 weeks while travelling for the holidays, I really need to focus and start preparations for the 2004 competition season. I also think I will actually make a New Years resolution this year.  It will be threefold: gain more flexibility, be more consistent with my nutrition plan, and work my abs more.

Last year was my first year of competing and I was very happy with my performances and placing. Coming in 22nd place at Fitness Universe (only 2 spots away from top 20 in my first year) was an honour. At the Fitness Canada Pageant, I was a top 25 finalist which felt absolutely incredible. I always like to improve and it will be a good challenge to try to make it into the top 20 at both events this year. 

After splurging a little over the holidays, plain chicken breast and a yam was a site for sore eyes. I made it to the gym for am cardio today and have to go back fro round 2 for an afternoon lift. I have off from work until Monday so it will be nice to do double work outs over the next 3 days without adding a full day of work on top of it. Life is going to be very busy for the next few months but I love fitness and the personal challenges that come with competing. I am also looking forward to seeing my fitness friends again!

My theme this year is “The Little Mermaid.” Monster Mix just completed my music and I will begin choreography sessions with Cathy Savage this week. The sketches for my costume should also be arriving soon. It is really exciting to work with a whole new theme this year! 

In between competing and working as a physical therapist and personal trainer, I like to help others achieve their fitness goals. Please visit my website and drop me a line.  

Happy New Year!




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