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Welcome to my journal! I will try to update once a week, as sometimes finding time to write is difficult due to my profession. I am a high school math teacher and although the idea is out there that teachers are part-time workers, we do work more than 40+ hours a week as you don't realize how much marking there really is to be done. I am often taking home work to prepare for the next day, or mark classes of tests that are due to the next day. 

Right now, I am preparing for the Arnold Classic. Although not as a competitor, I am there to work for Oxygen/Musclemag for there FAREMON sportwear clothing line. Luckily this was a goal of mine to attend the Arnold and just before Christmas I was contacted by Robert Kennedy to be apart of his booth. Very honoured and excited to be attending the Arnold. I want to make sure that I am in great condition as this is a super opportunity to smooze with some of the best in the business. Hopefully I will be able to catch some of the Fitness Classic but if not, I guess I will have to invest in the video. I have yet to see an IFBB show and see their performances. I should be an awesome weekend and I am definitely bringing my camera.

Right now with training, I am doing cardio everyday, with weights 4X/week. My cardio is about 35-40mins depending on the day and this week I plan to do 3 extra cardio sessions at 30mins. Since I will not be practicing my routine until March, I will have to make sure my diet is extra clean. I find the routine practice helps to lean me out but I do not want to risk getting injured especially this early in the season.

With the diet I am try to eat as cleanly as possible and I have 3 cheat meals incorporated so far. Next week I am going to shoot for 2 or less, depending on my work schedule. In teaching meetings pop up all the time that you have to attend. 

My life right now is pretty stress free. I have just finished a course that I needed for teaching to have my licence (each Province determines what qualifications a teacher needs) and since I received my degree in another province I had to go back to school for one course. Glad that is over.

I am considering ideas for future routines, as this year's is already complete. Which is a great reliever from stress as it is worth half if not more of your score when you compete.

Until next week and I will let you know how the dieting and training has been shaping up.

Ally Ethier



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