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Core Secrets Reviews

Do the Core Secret Videos provide enough of a workout?

Our Core Secrets reviews show that for beginners, these videos do provide some good basic routines, but for intermediates and more experienced exercisers, it might not be enough to really get your heart pumping.

There are three systems available at different price levels. The basic system includes two Core Secrets videos - a 25-minute Full Body Workout and Accelerated Core Training - as well as a training journal and fitness cards. Bonus items include a fundamental video, an eating plan and a fitness ball and foot pump.

Our Core Secrets review reveals that the next level up includes two additional videos, Ab Assault & Bun Battle. And finally, the third system offers another two Core Secrets videos, Give Me 20 and Full Body Challenge, for a total of 6 workout videos.

Costs for the Core Secrets workout range from $39.99 for the basic package to $79.99 for the top system.

Core Secrets Reviews - Is it Worth the Money?

We've extensively reviewed the full package, with all six videos as well as the fitness ball, pump and other extras, and have to conclude that we're not thoroughly impressed with this workout system.

The Core Secret videos just don't provide the full body workout that we've come to expect from exercise videos, especially since there are so many on the market. The workouts are rather short, and we found that we had to do a lot more repetitions than Gunnar did. His routines seemed abbreviated.

As part of our Core Secret review we compared this series with other popular ones on the market, and for the price we believe the Firm Exercise Videos are a better bet, offering a more intense, effective workout.

However, if you are a beginner or you plan to use the Core Secrets workout in conjunction with other programs, it does have its advantages as it gives a brief overview of many different exercises. If you're interested in the Core Secrets Videos you can learn more about what's included by clicking the link provided.

If you've had any positive or negative experiences with Core Secrets, drop us a line and we will add your comments in our next Core Secrets reviews.

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