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Best Inversion Table

The best inversion table will be a well-constructed, easily adjustable unit that can effectively relieve back pain, stress and fatigue. Not all machines are created equal, and you have to know what you're looking for if you'd like to have one of these units in your home.

Doctors and health practioners have used them for years to treat their patients due to the many inversion table benefits. Following is a list of the therapeutic benefits they can offer:

1. Reducing and relieving back pain.
2. Easing pressure on the spine.
3. Stimulating blood circulation.
4. Stretching & rejuvenating muscles.
5. Reducing stress & tension.

So what is the best inversion table?

Our experts review many different exercise and health products, including all of the popular rehabilitation and fitness equipment. We have conducted inversion table comparisons many times over the past few years, and have been consistently impressed with one particular unit.

Our selection for the best inversion table is the Teeter Inversion Stretch Table stress and fatigue reducer. We like the fact that it has a heavy-duty steel frame, yet is lightweight and portable and can fold for easy storage.

It offers three positions for easy inversion, and is ergonomically designed for support and comfort, offering the most inversion table benefits. The Teeter Inversion Stretch Table can accommodate all heights and weights, and is easy to put together. It is the best inversion table on the market, especially given its very affordable price.

We will be posting the full results of our inversion table comparisons shortly, and welcome any comments you may have regarding your experiences. For now, take a look at our recommendation and decide if its right for you.

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