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Contemplating doing a fitness competition?

Contemplating doing a fitness competition? Well I'd recommend to "Go For IT". No one is going to "boo" you and the worst that can happen is you will be last. So worst case out of the way... forget your fears they will always stop you from true greatness. Don't worry about how you will measure up against the other competitors it is out of your control and very subjective. So just bring your beautiful unique self, your amazing positive win win attitude and be prepared to meet some pretty amazing people and have fun.

My first competition was Universe in Miami June 2003, it is the 2nd largest competition and everyone thought I was nuts to make it my first. My husband and I had just moved to Tampa from Vancouver Canada and I couldn't work so I needed a goal. Something to test my grit...I'd seen those superwomen flip around on ESPN and was so amazed and intimidated by their ability. In the bikini Universe I could at the very least walk across the very stage these ladies tumbled and flipped on. I just wanted a goal to push me beyond how I had trained in the past both physically and mentally. I am a team player & love the prep & hype before a game.

I like to be the cheerleader and get everyone up before we get on the field. I've coached many different age groups of children in all kinds of sports and I always found that a positive attitude kept it fun and it really was the most determining factor of how you felt about the outcome of the game. I will always recommend taking a path that challenges you and teaches you constant improvement. I'm definitely not a shy person but flaunting my figure on a stage in front of a crowd was a definite challenge. You see I grew up with 2 brothers and always felt jipped that I was a girl. As A young teenager it was even more complicated when my chest started growing and didn't seem to stop to my absolute horror. I loved soccer and securing "the girls" before a game was complicated enough little own hiding them from the boys and my brothers sneering and teasing...I finally did figure out a way I could keep "the girls" in place while I exercised and have always been physically active. I played women's soccer in France when I lived there for a year at 18.

I had to put all of my previous notions of what I thought/feared people would think of me and get up on the stage in my bikini and sports outfit and strut my stuff. With knees shaking and feet hobbling in my 4" spikes, make-up so thick my face felt like a mask, and fake eye lashes that I prayed would act as my escape and flutter me away if did something foolish like fall on my face I not only walked the stage but the cat walk as well. To be honest I don't remember most of my walk, my face never cracked, I didn't fall and I felt like a million bucks after. It was not as scary or as difficult as I thought it would be. I just missed the top 20 but I didn't care I met so many amazing girls back stage and best part for me was they were willing to share training ideas, give advise and just give encouragement. I was truly proud of myself I did something I never would have thought I could have. So please don't let your "fear" or "what if's" stop you. Make it your event, your goal, just say "Yes I can" you never know where it may lead you. Currently I am pursuing sponsorship to be able to compete in more competitions and just keep improving. You want the true fountain of lies in us all, exercise and get in shape and you will be surprised how young you stay.

Funniest Moment:
I am sure you all know Sylvia Trembley. Amazing person and Fitness Diva extraordinaire. Well she was competing in the Bikini Universe and I knew French was her first language so I offered to translate her English interview question for her if she needed me to. (She makes great competition bikini's if you need one) I thought she was just being polite when she said yes but when she was in the top 5 and had to answer her Interview question the MC called me to translate... I had to run from the crowd up the catwalk infront of the ESPN crew and the entire crowd. I was so embarrassed I was in my surf shorts and t-shirt and made sure I stood behind the top 5 in their fantastic Bikini's. Sylvia was very graceful and didn't need much help answering the question. She does speak English very well but often times on the spot it can be more about nerves than comprehension. She came in 2nd!!! Way to go Sylvia

Best Advise for competition:
-get expert sports nutritional advise (4-5 meals a day natural food)
-get expert training advise from certified personal trainers
-drink tons of water
-get your sleep
-invest in a swim suit that fits you and makes your figure look proportional
-get a nice dark tan (pro-tan; jan tana ; spray tan)

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Wishing you all the Health Happiness and Success Always




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