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Ab Revolutionizer Reviews

Will this new abdominal exerciser get you the six-pack you desire?

Our Ab Revolutionizer reviews show that although you can get a decent abdominal workout with this product, you are probably better off with one of the other trainers on the market, as you just don't get what you pay for here.

A very basic piece of equipment, the Ab Revolutionizer targets the upper and ab muscles, as well as your obliques, without the back and shoulder strain that accompanies floor execution. Using "Triple Action Technology", it lifts up your pelvis and legs, essentially effecting a reverse crunch.

Our Revolutionizer reviews show that it also includes a padded headrest, training video, an exercise and nutritional guide, and a 10-day supply of supplements. An ab bar is sometimes included as a bonus.

Ab Revolutionizer Review - Is it worth the money?

As a result of our product tests, we don't believe it's worth the price for what you're getting. We've found an average price of around $60, which is a tad steep for such a basic piece of equipment. The extras don't really amount to much.

Although it does eliminate back and neck strain, it doesn't offer that effective an abdominal workout, at least significant enough to justify the price. You are better off doing crunches on the floor, bench, or exercise ball.

If you are interested in an effective abdominal exerciser, we recommend the Ab Lounge 2. Although more expensive than the Revolutionizer, you are getting what you pay for.

Fitness Events Opinion & Recommendation:

Our Ab Revolutionizer reviews have revealed that it is not the best option for abdominal training. We noticed it tends to slide around on the floor due to its light weight, and it is not made of the finest materials.

Therefore we believe you have two options, since we all know the importance of incorporating abs into your fitness routine. You can either try different floor/bench/exercise ball combinations, and figure out which one offers the least neck and back strain for you.

The second option is purchasing a more effective abdominal machine such as the Ab Lounge 2, which will not only target your upper and lower abs, but also minimize strain significantly.

For those of you who would like to purchase an Ab Revolutionizer just click the link provided.

If you've had any positive or negative experiences with the Ab Revolutionizer, drop us a line and we will add it to our reviews.

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